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With Evelyn O. Ortega, BSN.,RN., Aesthetician

If you are contemplating hair removal, Fall is the best time to do it. There is nothing more annoying than to have to shave each day to achieve hairless looking arms and legs. The skin is smooth and there no more risk in cutting your skin. This is the best thing you can do.
Hair is an appendage of the skin that is slender and thread like which grows out of the skin and scalp. The hair follicle begins at the bulb, which is found in the subcutaneous layer of the skin. The bulb is surrounded by a matrix that keeps the hair follicle alive. A thickened area of the root sheath, which lies just above the bulb, is called the bulge. The bulge contains stem cells that are necessary for regeneration of the hair follicle. The bulb and the bulge are considered the "cellular center" of the hair follicle.
Hair grows in three cycles: anagen (growth), catagen (regression/atrophy), and telogen (resting or dormant).
Evelyn Ortega, a specialist of laser hair removal is answering some of the questions you have forwarded to

Hair Removal is to cause permanent thermal damage to the hair follicle, including the bulb and the bulge so that it will no longer produce hairs. Melanin is concentrated in the hair shaft and upper part of the bulb, but may also be found in the bulge.  This is important because melanin is the targeted chromophore which absorbs the laser light and generates heat, which in turn is conducted into the bulb and bulge.

We use Gentle Max-Pro (Candela) Laser. It is considered one of the best machines. It delivers intense energy to the targeted area, effectively destroying follicles.

Pain or discomfort varies with every individual. However as the Gentle Max-Pro (Candela) Laser has cooling device settings built in which work synergistically with the laser, it adjusts to accommodate patient comfort.
(Laser is an acronym for Light Amplification by a Stimulated Emission of Radiation.)

The length of treatment varies individually as each candidate has its own Fitzpatrick skin type, or for some it varies hormonally. However, there are a specific number of weeks on targeted body parts which need to be retreated after initial session, until desired results is achieved.  Facial area retreat in 4-6 weeks, Trunk in 6-8 weeks, Leg in 10-12 weeks.
It takes only 15 minutes to an hour per laser hair removal session depending on body area treated. It is much faster when patient should shave the area to be treated a day before the treatment.


It is important that the area being treated not be exposed to the sun. A broad spectrum (UVA/UVB) sunscreen of 30 SPF or higher should be applied whenever area to be treated is exposed to the sun. This practice should continue between treatments and following your last treatment for at least 6 weeks. Hyperpigmentation or hypopigmentation can result if treated area is exposed to the sun without sunscreen.
Do not use Retin-A or Renova one week prior to laser treatment.
Do not take Accutane for 6 months prior to laser treatment.
Do not pluck, tweeze, thread, wax, or use depilatory agents for three weeks prior to treatment.
The area should be shaved 24-48 hours prior to treatment. Stubble is needed to visualize area. If the area to be treated has a heavy hair growth, you should shave just prior to coming for treatment.
Do not wear make -up, deodorant, perfumes or powder on the areas to be treated.
Plan to avoid tight elastic at the leg opening, following bikini treatments, for 3-5 days.
If you have a history of oral herpes (fever blisters) and are having your mouth area treated, you will need to have your physician prescribe suppressive therapy and take as directed.
Laser Hair Removal will not be performed if you have a suntan, sunburn, or have used self-tanning cream because of the likelihood of hyper-pigmentation or hypopigmentation. 
If a client thinks she may be pregnant or pregnant, she cannot use the laser hair removal treatment.
Remember, to achieve the desired results, the specific number of treatments must be adhered to. Skipping treatments, even when it appears you have achieved the results, will result in a less than adequate outcome.

Treat the area delicately. Do not rub, scratch or pick the treated area. 
If the treated area becomes tender or shows signs of infection such as pus, tenderness, or if you develop a fever, contact the technician who performed the treatment.
Avoid swimming, sports and strenuous exercise for two to three days following treatment.
Do not shave the area if crusting or blistering occurs.
Do not use hot water on treated areas immediately following treatments.
Keep the area clean. Cool compresses or cold gel packs or chilled Aloe Veral gel may be applied after treatment. A moisturizing SPF 30 plus sunblock should be applied prior to the next treatment. Avoid irritation. Avoid direct sun exposure or tanning after treatment. Resume use of topical agents when irritation resolves. It is best not to use make-up for three days on the treated area. If make-up is a must, you should apply and remove it very delicately. Excessive rubbing can cause trauma to the area and may increase the chance of scarring or hyperpigmentation.

Treated hair will exfoliate or push out in approximately two to three weeks (sometimes sooner), and may appear darker and thicker before falling out. Do not use deodorant for three days. Use a light powder instead.
When showering, always gently rinse with cool or tepid water and gently pat the area dry. Do not rub.

All personnel shall wear appropriate laser safety eyewear whenever the laser is being used to prevent accidental exposure to the laser beam either directly or from the reflecting surface. The required eyewear optical density (O.D.) is a measure of absorbency and is a function of laser wavelength.
It is incumbent on all who use the laser to properly protect their eyes and to ensure that all who are in the room during treatment use appropriate protective eyewear for that laser.
The client and the technician will wear safety glasses to protect eyes during the procedure.
In addition, it is customary to place protective eyewear outside the door for anyone entering the laser room during a treatment and mandatory to post warning signs outside the door or area whenever the laser is in use.

Almost everyone is a good candidate.

No. Anyone who feels uncomfortable with their excessive hair growth or to those who have abnormal excessive hair growth can avail of the laser hair removal. Doctor's consult may be a good advice to anyone who is skeptical about having laser hair removal done considering age below 18.

There is certain number of weeks to retreat each body area. Desired results vary individually. Some clients have good results in 3-5 sessions while others takes more than 5 sessions. The darker color of terminal hair also makes them more amenable to laser and light based removal, since they absorb the laser light and generate heat better than vellus hairs.
After some laser hair reduction procedures, some hair may not be removed, but grows back lighter and finer, like that of vellus hair.
The amount of hair types and hair growth-cycles vary from person to person. That's another reason why it is difficult to compare hair reduction results between people. Many hair removal methods have been shown to be effective only on actively growing anagen hair. That means that a single treatment from a device cannot treat all hairs.
One last thing to consider is potential follicles. Many follicles do not produce a hair, even though they have the potential to do so.
Follicles can be activated by hormonal changes (like puberty, pregnancy, aging, etc.) or by other chemicals or medical conditions. That's why even after permanent hair removal, totally new hairs may grow.

It is dangerous when safety measures are not strictly observed during the procedures.
An effort should be made to have adjustable patient eye protection.  Patients receiving GentleMAX pro treatments above the shoulders must wear the stainless steel "tanning bed" type eyewear. 

Laser Hair Removal price varies per body area to be treated. The smallest body area like the upper lip, chin, side burns, cheeks, ears, feet/toes, hands/fingers, body line cost less than the rest of body area like full legs, full arms, full back, full chest and/or full body or full face. Prices range from $10 to $145 respectively.
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Evelyn O. Ortega, BSN.,RN., is a graduate Aesthetician from San Pedro College, in Davao City, Philippines
In 2006 she moved to the US and became a licensed RN at the Community Hospital of San Bernardino. After spending four years at the hospital, she decided to pursue her dream of working in the field of medical aesthetics.  Licensed in 2013, she has worked as an RN-Aesthetician at various medical offices and spas, dermatology-cosmetic surgery center and outpatient medical/surgical center. She is experienced with Aesthetic Laser equipment, fillers; botox and dermal fillers. She performs skin care procedures, semi-permanent lash extensions, works at post anesthetic care unit, and assist in minor surgical procedures.

She is currently employed at the Unity E Medical Clinic; South Pacific Surgery. 
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