From Head to Toe
Skin Of Norway
by Michele Elyzabeth
Norwegian born Geir Ness just launched his long awaited skincare line. Several years ago, Geir created his first designer women’s fragrance, Laila, inspired by the flowers of his native country. It became an instant success and was followed by the release of his men’s fragrance: Geir, which is found in Nordstroms across the US. After establishing a name for himself in the perfume industry, Geir started working on what is known as the six steps to using skin of Norway. “Skin needs to breathe in the morning and be perfectly clean to repair itself at night,” - Geir Ness.
Revealing the secrets of longevity, he shared with us the four guardians of having a perfect skin. As always the ingredients are key:
To Protect. Geir has incorporated Norwegian Cloudberry called the Multer in Norway. A special berry with calming properties to tone down redness or inflammation.
To Hydrate. He used Snow Algae which thrives in the extremes of cold, dry weather and encourages luminous, hydrated skin able to resist damages from sun, wind and poor diet and helps slow down aging process.
To Energize. He turned to Mineral Chrono-energizers like magnesium, zinc and copper which increase cellular energy while decreasing cell fatigue for a firmer look.
Finally, To Restore. He introduced Juniper Sprout and Garden Sprout Extract plus Resveratrol.
Three of the five main skin repairing ingredients that help guard against DNA damage.
Here are the six Skin of Norway products which could very well be the answer to your concerns.
Start with:
1. The Energizing Facial Cleanser with Arctic Algae & Minerals
2. The Hydrating Facial Mist with cloudberry & Fresh Lavender
3. Advances Cell Repair Serum with Resveratrol & Cloudberry
4. Multi-Action Eye Serum with Cloudberry & Firming Peptides
5. Natural Moisture Repair with Cloudberry and Vitanims C & E
6. Twice a week Detoxifying Hydration Mask with Cloudberry & Watercress.
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