by Toby Roberts

Acer Aspire S7-392 Ultrabook

Using a new laptop or computer is just like finding your way around a new smartphone. Most have a touch screen you have to get used to and become well acquainted with the correct swiping motions, apps, keyboard, etc. This month, LATF spent some time with the ‘future’ of laptops: the Ultrabook. More specifically, the Acer Aspire S7-392. What is an Ultrabook? Think of the Macbook Air, but even lighter, weighing 2.87 pounds. Its body is ultra-slim and flexible. The S7 has a clean and sharp silver look.
Although I consider myself tech savvy, I’ve never been quite compatible with the tablet design. The S7 is very much a family member of a tablet. In fact, you find yourself using the screen more than the mouse pad. Opening up the Ultrabook, the design is beautiful with its glossy white Gorilla Glass 2, glowing light and anodized aluminum. The screen display cannot be beat with its vibrant colors and Wide Quality High-Definition of 2560x1440. With the capability of opening to a 180 degree view, you can share the screen and use it as if it was a tablet. This is especially helpful when using some of the S7’s artistic programs. For the artists, the Ultrabook is both a painting palette and a canvas with the Window’s app: Fresh Paint. You can lay the screen down flat and create with watercolors, pencils, paint and more.
When it comes to multitasking, it can be a bit confusing when swiping back and forth between browser tabs and documents. But again, if you are used to tablets, this won’t be an issue for you. On a cooler note, unlike many laptops that overheat, the S7 stays cool with a thermal solution called “TwinAir” cooling. It extends battery life and keeps the Ultrabook from buzzing. Another plus is the electroluminescent backlit keyboard which automatically turns on and off and adjusts its brightness level based on the ambient. Other features include:
-Wireless Display (WiDi) technology for connecting wirelessly to a TV
-Acer Purified. Voice ensures webcam/video chats, conference calls, VoIP calls and voice commands are always crystal clear.
-Stereo speakers - HD audio - Dolby® audio enhancements
- Acer ZoomPerfect touchpad
- 7.5-hour battery
- 1-year limited warranty
Overall, the S7 is for the tech-capable. Perfect for web designers on the go, artists and Generation Z. $1,499.99
To learn more about the Aspire S7 visit: http://us.acer.com

Panasonic’s Wearable Camera
From Panasonic: the world’s first 4K/30p Wearable Camera, the HX-A500 (A500) is coming to stores this July. Featuring Wi-Fi® and NFC to connect to your phone, this HD camera enables you to capture scenes that puts viewers right there, in the thick of the action, even if it’s under water. Hands-free shooting, small, lightweight and comfortable to wear. This is great for your summer adventures: waterproof, dustproof and comes with mounting headgear. The HX-A500 can shoot up to a maximum 160 degree ultra wide angle for an immersive view and shoot slow motion. $399.99

Sony’s Portable Bluetooth Wireless Speakers
Sony Electronics announced the SRS-X3 and SRS-X2 portable Bluetooth® wireless speakers. They have a rich bass with an output power of 20 watts in a sleek “Definitive Outline” design. The SRS-X3 consists of two full range speakers and two passive radiators. ClearAudio+™, a unique Sony digital signal processing technology, provides higher quality sound while Sound Mode delivers a wider sound stage. Users can wirelessly stream audio with Bluetooth, and connect to mobile devices seamlessly with easy One-Touch listening via Near Field Communications (NFC). With a built-in mic, the speaker can be used as a speakerphone for hands-free calling when paired with a mobile device. Both models have a micro USB charge and include a USB AC adapter. The SRS-X3 retails for $149.99 and the SRS-X2 retails for $99.99. Available June

Zepp’s 3D Sport Sensor Gadget
Here’s a fun one for sports enthusiasts. From Zepp Labs, this is the first technology that enables tennis players and coaches to capture and analyze serves in 3D on their smartphone or tablet. You just have to attach the Zepp™ multi-sport sensor to the handle of any racket, serve a ball and instantly see 3D results. It helps with ball speed potential, ball spin, backswing time measures, impact time measures, etc. It also works for golf, baseball and softball using the Zepp Golf and Zepp Baseball apps. The new Zepp Tennis app is free and available in the App Store and Google Play. $149.99.