My Ride: Hyundai's Hydrogen Fueled Tucson SUV Could Change The World
By Jean Philippe-Blanchard
The way that we fuel our vehicles is evolving at a rapid pace. First it was the hybrid and then the electric car. But the hydrogen fuel cell is by far the top of the eco-friendly gas alternative. If it catches on, hydrogen could reverse our fear of traffic pollution. Hyundai has the right idea; spreading the word by being the first automobile company to mass-produce fuel cell vehicles. This awards season they introduced their 2015 Tucson SUV to Hollywood and the world during the 2014 Grammys.
The first questions on everyone's mind when they hear 'hydrogen fueled' is, "What does that mean and how does it work?"
To break it down in layman's terms: Hydrogen creates steam instead of exhaust. The device which produces a vehicle's energy to run is called a fuel cell. It converts hydrogen to electricity. The electricity gives off only heat and water as byproducts. This means it's non-polluting. So vehicles such as Hyundai's Tucson Fuel Cell could help change the world and save our environment. This, my friends, is the next generation of zero-emission vehicle technology.
If you're comparing the battery which runs an electric car, here are the positive factors for the Tucson:
Driving range up to 300 miles
Capable of full refueling in under 10 minutes, similar to gasoline
Minimal reduction in daily utility compared with its gasoline counterpart
Minimal cold-weather effects compared with battery electric vehicles
Extensive crash, fire and leak testing successfully completed
Quieter EV operation
Zero greenhouse-gas emissions, emits only water vapor
If you want to get really scientific about the process of the hydrogen run Tucson, here is how the process works:
Hydrogen enters the anode, air (oxygen) enters the cathode
Catalyst splits the hydrogen electrons and protons
Electrolyte conducts the positively-charged ions while blocking the electrons
Electrons are used to create an external circuit, generating electricity
Catalyst combines the hydrogen ions and electrons with oxygen to create water and heat energy
A single fuel cell produces approximately one volt; fuel cells are "stacked" to meet voltage requirements
Back to the basic features of the Tucson Fuel Cell. There are plenty of pluses that come along with Hyundai's latest eco-friendly car. Whenever your Tucson needs service, Hyundai professionals will come to you and return the vehicle when the work is done. It's called the 'At Your Service Valet Maintenance.' Oh, and did we mention the unlimited free hydrogen refueling?
As far as pricing goes, Hyundai offering Southern California drivers a $499 per month payment for 36 months with $2,999 due at lease signing. For an energy saving car, the price comes in at less than $22,000, which is a steal compared to hybrid and electric competitors.
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